ODTUG Kscope21 Registration Includes Access to a Virtual Event!

We’re excited to announce that your registration for ODTUG Kscope21 will include access to a virtual event which will take place later in the summer. At ODTUG we’re invested in providing the community with top-notch education and we saw an opportunity to double your ODTUG conference experience in 2021. This year, every ODTUG Kscope21 registration comes with four complimentary passes to the virtual event, which means you can give your teammates who don't usually attend access to the incredible technical content of an ODTUG conference.

ODTUG Kscope21 will be hosted in person at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center, situated in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. The full conference pass will include:

  • Admission to a large variety of technical sessions
  • Free Oracle Symposiums and in-depth hands-on training
  • Networking opportunities and community events
  • Four complimentary passes to ODTUG’s Virtual Event held AFTER the in-person conference

As an organization ODTUG is dedicated to our community’s health and safety. We will follow all the required federal, state, and local guidelines to provide a safe event experience for everyone. We will publish more details on this as we get closer to the event.

The ODTUG Virtual Event will include:

  • Highly rated presentations from ODTUG Kscope21 and bonus content for virtual distribution
  • Unique and flexible educational formats
  • Access to the Oracle Product team, Oracle ACEs, and industry experts
  • The chance to refresh your foundation, learn something new, advance your current skills, and stay prepared for the future!

We know that many people and businesses in our community are adjusting to a new reality. As always, we feel incredibly lucky to have such a dedicated network of ODTUG members. Thank you for being part of the ODTUG family. If you have any questions or concerns, please see below and/or reach out to us at info@odtug.com.



What if I only want to sign up for the Virtual ODTUG Kscope21 event?
Registration for the virtual event is bundled into registration for ODTUG Kscope21. At this time, we are not taking registrations exclusively for the virtual event.

If you aren’t sure whether you can attend ODTUG Kscope21 but would like to attend the virtual event, you can register for ODTUG Kscope21. Registering for ODTUG Kscope21 gives you access to the in-person conference as well as four passes for the virtual event, so you can attend one or both events.

If you register but don’t plan to attend ODTUG Kscope21 in person, reach out to ODTUG and get a special registration code that will flag you as a registered ODTUG Kscope21 “ghost” attendee.

When will the ODTUG Virtual Event be held?
August 30 – September 10, 2021
Will the in-person conference and virtual conference have the same content?
A subset of the virtual content will be the same as the in-person conference, allowing you to participate in presentations you may have missed on site. Additionally, there will be a bonus set of curated sessions which are best fit for virtual delivery.
If I am submitting an abstract, how do I know if I am submitting it for the in-person conference or ODTUG’s Virtual Event?
You are submitting for the in-person conference but also have the option to be considered for the virtual event by selecting the “virtual” checkbox (formerly “webinar”). If you are selected to speak at ODTUG Kscope21 but cannot attend, you will be considered for the virtual event if your abstract was flagged with the virtual designation.
What about speakers/attendees who know they can’t or won’t come to a live ODTUG Kscope21?
Speakers: submit an abstract anyway, check the “virtual” checkbox (formerly “webinar”) to be considered for the virtual event.

Attendees: buy a full ODTUG Kscope21 pass to get four virtual passes. Reach out to ODTUG and get a special registration code that will flag you as a registered ODTUG Kscope21 “ghost” attendee.

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ODTUG Kscope21 Registration Includes Access to a Virtual Event!